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Dawn should be breaking but where is the sun?

Dust clouds obscure it, The nightmare’s begun.

In what’s left of the forests the trees are all brown.

Leaves blighted by acid rain fall sadly down.

A  chill wind is blowing. The fish are all gone,

the tides ebb and flow and move restlessly on

bringing the flotsam to each sandy shore

where nobody sunbathes or swims anymore.

Man presses the button. Nature’s forces rebel.

This most beautiful planet could become mankind’s hell.

Religion sees an upsurge. More converts each day

but for what are they asking and to whom do they pray?

The Great Spirit despairs of the wailing – it’s too late to cry.

Man’s actions have killed every bird in the sky.

The plants and the flowers are struggling for breath.

The innocent animals all are condemned to death.

The sun cannot break through the perpetual gloom.

No one listens, like lemmings we leap to our doom.

Come draw back your curtains and greet the new day.

The glow of the sunrise takes your nightmare away.

Mother Earth is awaking. A new day has dawned.

Your nightmare glimpsed tomorrow. Mankind has been warned.
Add your voice to those who are heeding the call.

If you do not act now there’s no future at all.

Speak out to harness the wind. No more nuclear power!

Let’s clean up and recycle for short is the hour.

Bring back the world into balance. Let this be your theme.

You can make a difference so follow your dream.

Earth warriors are gathering across every land.

The weapon they carry is truth’s torch in their hand.

They are strong and determined. It’s there in their eyes.

The cause is a just one. The Earth is the prize.

George Smith 2003

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