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I am the sounds of the wide world around you.
The breeze that sings sweetly through corn standing tall.
I am the echo returning the message
I am what I was. I stay part of it all.
I am the high wind that roars through the canyon
or the murmur you hear in some cold mountain stream.
I am tireless, eternal. I cannot be silenced
I am a shout or a whisper that comes in your dream.
I am the sound of the rain at your window
the rush of the river that flows in full flood.
I am and I will be for death has no meaning,
what use do I have now for flesh, bone and blood.
I am the sights of the earth filled with wonder
The sun and the stars and the clouds drifting by.
I am the wild flowers that carpet the meadow.
The all-seeing eagle that swoops from on high.
I am a part of the life force so vibrant and strong.
I am laughter and sadness, despair and elation.
I was and still am with my strength undiminished
A flame that will burn ’til the end of creation.
I once was as you are – a child of the earth plane.
Somebody’s father or husband or son.
I stumbled along through the sad world I lived in
and sighed with relief when my time there was done.
Happy at last to be free of my body.
Sad that I had to leave loved ones behind
but I left a world full of misery and darkness
to step into a world that is loving and kind.
One day you too will set out on that wonderful journey
for the death that you speak of is simply a sham.
What once was still is and forever will be.
You will proudly proclaim it ” I am what I am!”

George Smith 1999

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