Lee Whyberd is a talented Welsh medium best known for his ability to bring lightness and hope to even the most serious or difficult of experiences, using a combination of wit, incisiveness and compassion.

Descended from a long line of sensitives on his maternal side, Lee began reading for close friends and relatives in his 20’s. However, he was called to work with spirit more seriously after an illness in his 40’s which led him to develop his natural gifts and abilities in order to help others on a full-time basis.

Since then, he has become a regular feature at numerous spiritual churches in and around Kent and Wales; and frequently does group readings at clairvoyant evenings and séances across the country, where he has worked with some of the best known mediums in the UK, including the late Colin Fry, Jayne Wallace of the Psychic Sisters, Derek Acorah and Billy Cook and Alex Baily.

Lee is now based in Dubai and often visits other areas of the Middle East.